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The Benchmark of Lighting Control

Lutron is the leading provider of perfectly tailored lighting and shade solutions for any size home or business.

Lutron: Mastering Premier Lighting and Shading Solutions

At SoundWaves, we stand as the beacon of excellence in personalized lighting and shade options for any scale of home or business environment in the Philadelphia, PA, area. Keep reading to learn more about the services of a Lutron dealer!

Experience Supreme Home Automation Control

HomeWorks QS

Let SoundWaves bring unparalleled convenience with seamless control over an infinite array of integrated smart devices and fixtures via your mobile device or through elegantly discreet wired and wireless keypads and switches that seamlessly blend with your interior design.

Start Your Journey with Us

Experience the fusion of control and sophistication with our elegantly designed wired and wireless control panels, available in a diverse selection of faceplates, hues, textures, and customization options to suit your aesthetic needs.
Dimmers & Switchers
Customize your ambiance with sleek, wall-mounted Lutron dimmer switches, offering a modern replacement to traditional light switches that were often used in the past for a tailored lighting experience in the Main Line. With our solutions, you can really put control at your fingertips.
Window Treatments
Elevate your control over daylight and privacy with automated window solutions, including shades, blinds, and drapes that adjust on demand, making it both convenient for homeowners and a tool to enhance the space's aesthetic appeal.
Temperature Control
Fine-tune and automate your whole home’s temperature settings with our intuitive climate control systems, utilizing thermostats, control panels, sensors, or mobile apps for a perfectly comfortable environment.
Dimming Panel
Streamline your home’s lighting control with our centralized dimming systems, eliminating the clutter of individual dimmers and switches for a cohesive lighting management solution across multiple zones.
Embrace energy savings with our advanced motion sensors, strategically placed on walls and ceilings to activate lighting only when needed, ensuring efficiency and conservation.

    Enjoy Wireless Total Control of Your Home

    RadioRA 3

    As professional installers, partnering with SoundWaves for your Lutron solutions offers you expansive and adaptable control over your lighting systems, motorized window treatments, and temperature settings from a single room to your whole property on the Main Line, utilizing stylish, wireless control panels and remotes designed to complement your home’s unique décor.

    Discover Intelligent Lighting Control

    Lutron Keypad
    Lutron keypad


    Choose from an exquisite array of colors and finishes for your wall-mounted or portable control panels, adjusting your lighting, ceiling fans, window shades, and thermostats with the simplicity of the touch of a button

    Light Controls

    Our wireless light dimmers, switches, and panels simplify managing individual or groups of light fixtures, upgrading standard switches with dimming functionality and integrated control features to match your personal style.

    Appliance Control

    Conserve energy by intelligently managing your appliances' power usage with our sleek plug-in modules, ensuring energy is only consumed when your devices are actively in use.

    Fan Control

    Eliminate manual adjustments with our wireless fan controls and remotes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering up to four speed settings for optimal comfort in any setting.


    You can take your smart home’s energy efficiency to a new level with Radio Powr Savr sensors, deploying wireless occupancy/vacancy detection to automatically manage lighting, enhancing convenience and conservation.

    Temperature Controls

    Make your thermostat smarter with our touch-screen solutions that allow you to schedule and adjust your home’s temperature settings remotely via your mobile device for ultimate comfort and efficiency.

    Behind The Scenes

    Discover the unseen capabilities of our system with time-based scheduling, extended control for larger spaces, and even remote operation from your vehicle, ensuring your home’s systems are always within reach.

    Automated Shades

    Choose from our selection of motorized window treatments, including shades, drapes, and blinds, designed for silent operation and precision control, ensuring your spaces are always in harmony with your needs.

    Elevating Shading Control to New Heights

    The innovative Palladiom Shading System transforms your home into a space of excellence when it comes to Lutron shades. Our solutions boast cutting-edge design and unmatched quality, complemented by minimalist wall keypads for a refined user experience in your home in the Wayne, PA, area.

    Beautify Your Spaces with Palladiom

    The New Standard of Shading Control

    Lutron, a leader in whisper-quiet motorized window shades, has redefined the standard once again with the Palladiom Shading System. Palladiom shades celebrate innovative design and superior quality, featuring equally sleek and sophisticated wall keypads that elevate the user experience.

    Beautiful Shading, Inside and Out

    Bring Palladiom to Your Home


    Palladiom combines luxury with intuitive functionality, featuring sleek, flush-mounted buttons and faceplates in a variety of materials for a sophisticated, streamlined control experience, completely customizable to your preferences.


      End Bracket

      Designed for aesthetic alignment with your windows, each of Lutron's Palladiom end brackets is crafted from polished aluminum, embodying strength and elegance, with a unique design that protects programming buttons and indicator LEDs.

      Center Bracket

      The Palladiom center bracket enables the seamless integration of dual shades into a singular, elegant framework, minimizing light gaps and ensuring a unified aesthetic that complements your space perfectly.

      Jamb Bracket

      Opt for the subtle elegance of Palladiom’s frame support, designed to extend the shading tube into the window frame for an illusion of floating shades, enhancing the magical ambiance of your interiors.

      Hem Bar

      Discover the discrete charm of Palladiom’s lower shade bar, available in various finishes or fabric-wrapped, offering synchronized operation that aligns shades to perfection, ensuring a seamless look and feel across your home.

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