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What the Top Outdoor Audio Brands Have in Common

A background patio area with picnic table-style furniture and a pool in the background.

Look for This When Shopping for the Best Audio System for Outdoors

Summer has arrived, and now it’s time to get outside and enjoy some backyard entertainment in your Philadelphia, PA, neighborhood. We think a high-quality audio system can make all the difference. Whether hosting a barbecue, lounging by the pool, or just relaxing on your patio, the right audio setup can add to the fun-filled times or improve the peacefulness of your space. But what exactly makes an outdoor audio system great? Let's dive into the key features to look for when shopping for the best audio system for outdoors

Here’s Why Lutron Blinds & Shades Are the Premium Option

Lutron roller shades in the corner of a room, lowered to the floor for maximum privacy.

Better Automated Window Treatments Create Better Living Experiences

In the world of luxury home automation, the elegance and convenience of motorized blinds and shades have become a must-have feature for New Jersey homeowners. 

At the top of the industry is Lutron, which offers motorized blinds and shades that blend seamlessly with any high-end interior design while combining comfort and sophistication at the tap of a button or according to a schedule. 

In this article, let’s explore why these motorized window treatments are our clients’ favorites. We’ll cover their safety features, style options, and convenience-adding benefits, plus discuss the advantages of working with a professional Lutron dealer like SoundWaves. 

Essential Considerations For Outdoor Lighting Design


Enhance Your Home’s Visual Appeal and Security with Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Driving through the residential streets of Philadelphia, PA, at night, you’ll quickly notice the homes that have invested in outdoor lighting solutions. They stand out because of their visual highlighting but also because of the welcoming aesthetic they exude. If you’d like to make your property stand out, consider outdoor lighting designs that will enhance the charm and security of your home at night. Continue reading to learn more about the practical and stylistic benefits of outdoor lighting installations.

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Building the Ultimate Home Theater for Sports Fans


Leave the Crowded Sports Bar Behind and Enjoy Games at Home

Have you ever watched a sporting event on the big screen? It’s an amazing experience—it makes you feel like you’re live at the game! If you’re a sports fan in Philadelphia, PA, looking to bring the excitement of match-ups and rivalries into your home, creating a sports-themed home theater is just what you need. Transform how you watch every pitch, pass, and foul. With the help of the SoundWaves expert home theater design team, you can install the ultimate home theater that will bring your favorite games to life. Continue reading to explore how it can be done.

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