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How to Vacation Stress-Free with a Home Security System


With a Proactive Solution, You Can Stop Worrying About Leaving Your Home Unattended

Are you planning to kick off the year with a family vacation? For many people, it’s stressful to leave their property behind for long periods. How can you ensure everything is fine back home while you’re away? 

The right home security system not only offers greater peace of mind but also makes it easier for friends and family to check in on your property.  Before your next vacation, upgrade to a solution that offers remote access to all your security features. Explore the ways you could take advantage of these features when leaving your Main Line, PA home for warmer pastures.

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Easy One-Touch Controls

Everyone has a little moment of panic when leaving the house for the airport. Have you forgotten to set the alarm, lock the front door or turn off all the lights? Leaving the house is much simpler with one-touch security scenes that immediately prepare your home for departure. Instantly lock doors, close shades, turn off lights and activate the alarm through a button-press or voice command.

Get a Look at Your Home

Have access to live surveillance footage from anywhere in the world through your home security system. As long as you have internet access, you’ll be able to pull up footage from all your cameras. Not only is there an option to view all cameras at once for a quick overview, but you can also check individual rooms as well. Additional pan-tilt-zoom capabilities let you zero in on any suspicious activity.

Smart Locks

How can you safely let in housekeepers, dog sitters, or family into your property when you’re not there? There’s no reason to risk putting a key under the mat anymore. Unlock your front door, open the gate or the garage using your mobile app. Dedicated access codes let people enter your property at limited times and give you the ability to review who is coming in and out quickly. Verify that the right person used the code through live surveillance footage.

Doorbell Stations

Another great way to feel like you’re home while you’re away is to integrate doorbells stations. These serve as remote doorbells so you can answer the door from your phone no matter where you are. When someone rings the doorbell station, you receive a call on your phone. Talk to whoever is at your front door through two-way video and from the same screen unlock the door to let them in if you know them.  

Emergency Notifications

The great thing about our home security systems is that you don't have to keep checking your app to know what is happening back home. Get a notification directly on your phone whenever there is any suspicious activity on your property. These notifications are unique to your priorities, whether it's a garage door left open, an intruder on your property, or someone using access codes after hours. Easily make minor changes through your app and coordinate with authorities in case of a serious emergency.

Automated Security Scenes

Lights shouldn’t be off during your entire vacation, as this could signal to thieves that no one is home. No better target for them than an empty house with little resistance. Design automated security scenes that simulate activity while you’re away. At random intervals throughout the day, lights turn on and off and shades open and close to make it seem like someone is there.

Do you want to prepare for your next vacation with a brand-new home security system? Our team can design a solution with your family’s unique needs in mind. All you have to do is reach out to our security experts by calling (484) 412-8108 or filling out our contact form.

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