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5 Smart Lighting Scenes You Need This Season

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These Lighting Control Scenes Prepare Your Home for Vacations & Holidays

Summertime is here, and it’s the biggest travel season of the year! If you’re preparing to be away from your Philadelphia, PA, home for any length of time, then it’s imperative to add smart scenes to your lighting control system. Whether you’re going across town for a shopping excursion or across the globe for a beach holiday, customized Away scenes can add peace of mind and energy savings. 

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1. Away Scene

This scene makes it appear as though someone is home, even if there isn’t! Lights are programmed to turn on and off in a natural, lived-in pattern, with varying lights in different rooms at different times. Besides lights, incorporate motorized shades and music systems to operate, too. By simulating regular domestic activity, you can deter potential intruders looking for an easy break-in target.

2. Eco Scene

An Eco scene is specifically designed to conserve energy and can even be used while you’re at home. This could include minimal outdoor lighting, leaving just enough illumination for security camera operation, and strategically shutting off indoor lights during peak energy hours. Your HVAC system can turn off or up a few degrees, too, to reduce energy usage while you’re sleeping or away from home.

3. Welcome Home Scene

This scene automatically activates at a set time before your expected return, but you can easily change settings from the convenience of your smartphone if your plans suddenly change. You’ll come back from vacation to a well-lit, welcoming residence. Entry lights, a lit pathway from the garage, and interior lights in the main living areas will all be turned on and ready for your arrival. There’s no need to stumble through a dark room reaching for light switches anymore.

4. Check-In Scene

This scene can be programmed to turn on certain exterior lights that are visible from your security cameras or video doorbell. This would allow you to check in on your property remotely using a live surveillance camera feed to ensure that everything is secure.

5. Storm Watch Scene

We’re prone to storms and power outages in our region, so this scene can be useful all the time, not just when you’re celebrating a holiday with family away from home. Program it to kick in during power failures or severe weather conditions, keeping essential lights and appliances on using a backup power source or close shades to protect your interior from potential damage.

We’re Your Lighting Control Specialist

Remember, all of the scenes we mentioned above, and many more, are fully customized to meet your unique needs and preferences. The idea is to provide a seamless automated lighting system that offers security, convenience, and energy efficiency at the tap of a button! 

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